About us

About Nu-Tan™

Nu-Tan™ is, by no means, a new product. It has decades of scientific and medical studies behind it and has been proven to be an effective and safe tanning product, when used correctly. Importantly, it is not to be confused with melanotan 2.

A History of the Science Behind Nu-Tan™

Nu-Tan™ was established in 2009, using our own formula that was developed in South Africa. Then, in 2015, we acquired our own patent for the revolutionary Nu-Tan™ patches, which are very effective. The Nu-Tan™ founder is the sole owner of the technology behind these.

With over 9 years and thousands of research behind it, Nu-Tan™ is a well-established product. In South Africa alone, more than 15 000 candidates have used or tested it since 2009, with no long- term side effects. This attests to its success and excellent reputation.

How It Works

We all have melanocytes in our body. These react by going darker brown when our skin comes into contact with the rays from the sun. Those with fewer melanocytes will have skin that burns and blisters in the sun. The more melanocytes you have, the quicker you will get a tan and the less likely you are to burn.

Nu-Tan™ stimulates melanocyte production in your body. With the increased melanocytes, you will build a gradual, natural tan with less exposure to the sun, and less chance of burning.