How does Nu-Tan™ work?

Nu-Tan™ Tanning Patches

Nu-Tan™ tanning Patches creates a beautiful natural tan. While using the patches, UV exposure is essential to create a beautiful tan and to prevent darkening of freckles, moles and sunspots. This UV exposure can be achieved by lying in the sun for 30 minutes (choose the morning or late afternoon, when the sun is less intense) at least every second day, or visiting a Tan-Can (standing sunbed) for 10 minutes. Never leave your sun or UV exposure for more than three days. Always wear sunscreen on your face and neck when using any of these tanning products.

The Nu-Tan™ patches are easy and effective – dubbed the future of tanning. They were developed by Nu-Tan™ to be convenient. They do not have any side-effects!.

You will use one patch a day in the loading phase, depending on how quickly you want to get your tan. Then, you will need to lie in the sun for about 30 minutes (15 minutes a side) or the Tan-Can for 10 minutes on the days that you use the patch. The more often you use the patch and get UV exposure (i.e. every day as opposed to every third day), the quicker you will tan. Once you have achieved the golden tan you’re after, it is advised that you reduce your use of the patch to every third day as part of your maintenance phase (this will also make your patches last longer). It is crucial that you get some sun on the same day that you use the patch.

The patches are simply put onto your skin (usually somewhere out of the way, like the outer part of the upper arm). For detailed instructions see below. 

There are no side effects (other than a little redness where the patch was applied, which disappears within a few hours).



There are 3 ways to use the patches:

For faster results:

Daily – one patch a day with one UV session a day. 10 Minutes in a tancan / 20 minutes on a sunbed / 30 minutes in direct sunlight.

To build a gradual tan:

Every second day – one patch every second day. UV session every second day – 10 Minutes in a tancan / 20 minutes on a sunbed / 30 minutes in direct sunlight.

Every third day – one patch every third day. UV session every third day – 10 Minutes in a tancan / 20 minutes on a sunbed / 30 minutes in direct sunlight.

Parts covered with clothing will not go as tanned as parts fully exposed to UV.

Instructions on how to apply the patches:

Open the patch carefully, watching out never to touch the inside of the patch where the micro needles are. Then, stick one patch to your skin and press it down with your palm to make sure that the micro structures enter your skin properly. You should feel it like bristles on your skin. It can be placed anywhere on your body, but on the upper part of the outer arm is often the least invasive and most comfortable.

Each patch should stay firmly on your skin for at least four hours to allow them time to penetrate and dissolve properly. To ensure that the patch is ready to be removed, press down on the patch. If you feel nothing, the patch can be removed. If there is still a slightly prickly sensation, leave the patch on for longer.

Pro tip: attach the patch before you go to bed and remove it the next morning. This is the best way to make sure that it dissolves completely.

The glue on the patch may leave a slightly red mark for a few hours after the patch is removed. Other than this, there are no side effects.

KEEP YOUR PATCHES AWAY FROM EXTREME HEAT AND DIRECT SUNLIGHT. High heat and humidity will make the micro structures melt and your patch will not easily stick to your skin.