Bulk Box - Nu-Tan Patch Kit - 90 Patches Triple strength

Bulk Box - Nu-Tan Patch Kit - 90 Patches Triple strength

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Stay tanned for a whole year with our Bulk Tanning Patches!

Bigger, Stronger Nu-Tan Patches: These patches are three times stronger than the existing little patches! GET THE DARKEST TAN YOU EVER DREAMED ABOUT IN RECORD TIME!

The Nu-Tan™ patches are easy and effective. As such, they have been dubbed the future of tanning. They were developed by Nu-Tan™ to be convenient.

There are no side effects (besides a little redness where the patch was applied, which disappears within a few hours).

How to Use Nu-Tan™ Patches

The patches are simply put onto your skin (usually somewhere out of the way, like the outer part of the upper arm).

There are three ways to use the patches:

  1. UV Sessions Daily

If you want to see results quickly, you can apply one patch daily. Each day you will need to commit to one UV session.

  1. UV Sessions Every Second Day

If you want to build a more gradual tan, you can use the patch every second day. To achieve this, you will need to apply one patch every second day and commit to a UV session every second day

  1. UV Sessions Every Third Day

 Another way to achieve a more gradual tan is by applying a patch every third day.  This method takes longer but is ideal if you don’t have the time to commit to UV sessions. If you use the patches this way, you’ll only need to have a UV session every third day.

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