Nu-Tan Patch Kit - 2 pack - Summer body

Nu-Tan Patch Kit - 2 pack - Summer body

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You know what's sucky about having pale and sun sensitive skin?
Being the one who always hides under umbrellas and just being a spectator while everyone else is having fun in the sun on the beach.
You can't! Sunburn will present itself before you even reach the water to cool down.
You know what is fun?
Arriving at the beach with a gorgeously bronzed tan you got from using the Nu-Tan patches.
What will Nu-Tan do for you?
  • Turn your skin into a bronze goddess within days.
  • Your tan can't wash off or rub off on your clothes or towels.
  • No more spending hours sun burning to get a slight tan after your skin peeled.
  • Your tan will last for months.
  • Your skin can't turn orange.
  • You will NOT get any sunburned red and swollen skin.

2 Nu-Tan patch kits will last you around 30 to 40 days, and your tan will last another 1 - 2 months.The patches must be combined with little UV exposure each day for optimal results.

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